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girl making a heart with her hands wearing her necklace

The final outcome of this kindergarten project was a name necklace. But the steps involved in creating that necklace meant a lot of learning for these young students. 

Kindergartners are learning how to read, therefore learning about the letters. That's where it began. They needed to recognize the letters in their name and put them in order. Then, they flexed their motor skills by cutting out those letters and used their muscles with a single hole punch to create the openings for the necklace string. 

Finally, their coordination and organization were put to the test as they strung each letter onto a piece of yarn to complete their name necklace. They had to follow a specific back-to-front sewing pattern and keep their letters in the right place. 

They all did fantastic and proudly wore their name necklaces throughout the day!

group of students wearing necklaces
student cutting letters
student reacts to hole punch
student organizing letters
student stringing letters together

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