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Biography Report Brings Famous Faces to Life

The Alamo Elementary media center was a noisy, busy place on Tuesday with sounds of the past and present. From George Washington to Taylor Swift, Helen Keller to LeBron James, the famous faces in the room spanned centuries. Alamo 3rd grade students organized their own wax museum to bring their research profiles to life. 

Each one conducted in-depth research on a famous person, past or present, wrote out notes and developed a first-person narrative to present to visitors for the event. They each dressed the part, put a “button” on their hands (a little black circle for people to push) and came to life to share details of their lives when someone pushed “start.” 

Parents, teachers and different classrooms in the school visited the museum in the afternoon. They hit as many start buttons as possible in their time there and learned a ton. This project gives students the research experience and knowledge about their subject, but adds in an experience of being able to pretend to be someone else and share their new-found knowledge in a unique way.