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Alamo Elementary

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Holiday Happenings

From Thanksgiving to winter break, Alamo students had a lot of fun getting ready for the holidays with different themes. For Reindeer Day, they were able to see live reindeer from the Borton Reindeer Ranch. They learned about the reindeer and got to ask about when Santa comes to get them to begin his travels around the globe. 
During Elf week, the kids spotted an elf on the shelf all over the school and enjoyed a fun trivia game throughout the day with the principal. 
They also had a fancy Christmas feast one day for lunch put on by the PTO and our kitchen staff and enjoyed fun activities for the Polar Express. 
Teachers also shared their own holiday traditions with their students. In Mrs. Bierenga's 4th grade class, students played sjoelbak, a Dutch shuffleboard game. "It was my family’s tradition to have a shuffleboard tournament each Christmas. Us kids would have so much fun thinking we’d scored well, and then my little ‘ol grandma would take her turn and just destroy us each year," says Mrs. Biergenga. "It was a lot of fun to introduce my students to a new game that is so special to me, watch them encourage each other as they competed, and just have fun together as a class family."